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Seeking advice on platforms (or not) for integrated Algo development.

Starting at ground-zero as an Algo Trading developer, I am hoping for some advice on platforms for operationalizing strategies—i.e. would like to ultimately only build things 2 to 3 times before actually getting a clue of what I should have done to begin with. ; )
I have 20+ years of professional software development experience, mainly writing backend services in Perl, Java, Python, JavaScript or Go. Finance was my Major as an Undergrad. Instruments of interest are Options, Futures and maybe Forex.
First question; should I even seriously choose an integrated environment, or—like everything else I do for a paycheck—build something from 'scratch' because of bad fills or high commissions? Normally, for a question like this, in some order, I'll do exhaustive feature comparisons, correspond/talk with vendors, kick some tires and talk to peers to make sure nothing has been missed, however, nobody I know has ever done anything like what people here are doing or trying to do, so...
Has anyone had experience with Quantower? Quantower looks impressive and allows for writing strategies in C#.
Noted also that cTrader Automate (formerly known as cAlgo), MultiCharts .NET and NinjaTrader (via NinjaScript) also have integrated C# or C#-ish software language strategy development and IB allows C# as well as other languages via the Trader Workstation API.
C# seems like a good choice (nowish) for the sake of portability as it looks like more platforms run on Windows than Mac or Linux and most support integrated strategy development using the C or C++ or C# languages, or scripts based thereon.
People mention a lot of interest in using R and Python, two languages I like, though their support for integrated strategy development seems to be only slowly catching up to the other languages. Is this accurate?
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Bots/Algo marketplace comparable to meta trader's

What type of algorithmic trading platforms are you aware of, that don't require coding, just a plug and play system, bots, etc. I mean Traders technology has a bot lab. But the most notable thing I can point to are the bot libraries for MT4 and MT5. I just want to find something comparable for multichart or sierra chart or traderstation. But I don't see a marketplace nearly like I do with MT4/5. I am trying to use a quasi algorithmic hedging strategy, calander spread type of approach, managing laddered orders. Standard MT4 stuff but for the futures market.

I am new to futures, (probably because the CFTC is about to kick me out of crypto for a long time). >.> But seemingly common bots for forex and crypto aren't as apparent in the conventional commodity market. I don't need the most super spectacular chaos theory bot, I need quasi algorithmic trade management functions, crypto actually has some really nice bot software like Haasbot and Grashopper. Metatrader 4 has a diverse marketplace , MT5 much less so.

It's definitely in my best interest to find something for multichart or sierra chart. I'm not so sure I want to or should be fooling with metatrader 5 for commodities.
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Guide to learning MQL5

Hi all, I was hoping someone might be able to help me here.
I've been trying to learn how to code strategies for MQL5 for some time now and I'm finding it quite difficult to find any decent learning resources past the articles from the metatrader website itself.
At the moment I have only basic programming experience, I run some automated systems on the ProRealTime platform that uses BASIC language and is really easy to pick up.
I've been trying to learn to code with metatrader for a while now and have searched all over the internet for some good articles or tutorials that can explain it to a beginner but all the advice I seem to find is just 'learn C++' or 'read the MQL reference page'
I get that I will have to learn C++ (or something similar) eventually and am willing to do so but I was wondering if anyone know of any good resources that maybe helped them in the past? Or if they could suggest some good first steps to a beginner trying to learn?
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Looking for a good starting point - does MultiCharts fit the bill?

I'm fairly new to trading, coding, and finance, but I've begun developing a strategy that I'd like to flesh out. I've done some manual backtests and they seem promising, but I don't have a big enough sample size to really feel confident about it yet. I figured that the best thing to do is to develop an algorithm that I can backtest with a lot of data, but I'm feeling a bit unsure where to start presented with all these different options combined with my inexperience.
I've been using QuantConnect a bit, but I'm not thrilled with the fact that certain staff members can view my code, so I want to switch to something that won't have that issue. I was originally looking at Python platforms, but I've heard that it executes too slowly and I should be looking at building my algorithm in C# or C++. I'm not looking to execute on tick data as of now, and the lowest time frame I can anticipate going is 1 minute, although more likely it's 5 minutes. Will the speed issue come into play on those time frames? I'd also like to get into machine learning eventually and as far as I know Python is better for that so seems like there may be a bit of a trade off...that said, I'd imagine there's a way to integrate Python machine learning with C# or C++, but perhaps that's my ignorance speaking.
Someone on here recommended using MultiCharts - does this seem like a good starting point? I'm worried about getting too deep into developing my own platform and MultiCharts seems fairly user friendly as far as having a GUI and robust platform. I'd really like to just get straight into developing and testing my strategy, as that's what got me interested in algotrading to begin with.
Oh, the strategy is based on forex, if that's helpful. Thanks in advance for any input!
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Trading platforms for developing strategies (free is better)

Hello to everybody. It's actually the first time that I post on Reddit.
I took a long break from trading. I stopped in 2013 due a relocation in a new country and I had to stop my learning plan.
I wanted to keep this post for reference, I hope it will help other newbies interested in getting the tools for developing trading strategies.
I mainly traded Forex and as you know MetaTrader 4 lacks most of the testing tools used to validate a trading strategy. Other platforms like Multicharts and Tradestation are very good but are not free. Before I commit money, I wanted to prove to myself that I can build good strategies.
I am wondering what other platforms I can use to backtest strategies: The main problem is the lack of validation tools like Monte Carlo and Walk Forward that I do not find on other platforms.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind Regards.
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MultiCharts is a complete trading software platform, providing robust technical analysis for professional traders. You can access the award-winning MultiCharts platform via a custom OANDA Trade plug-in. Beste Software für Forex Trader; 2011 erhielt MultiCharts auch den Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Readers’ Choice Award. Des Weiteren gibt es auch zahlreiche Artikel und Empfehlungen bzgl. MultiCharts in renommierten Tradingzeitschriften. Fazit . MultiCharts gehört nicht umsonst zu den führenden Tradingplattform. Aufgrund der Vielzahl an Funktionen ist MultiCharts für jeden ... Hier finden Sie die Liste der Forex-Broker, die ihren Kunden die Plattform MultiCharts anbieten. Sehen Sie sich alle Unternehmen an, die MultiCharts terminal unterstützen Forex Multicharts Full Screen Home. Forex Multicharts Full Screen. Use these forex multi charts in your trading. The links below are designed to open a new tab for each symbol, where you get 12 Time Frames per page. Once you have your selected symbols open you can then you can use a Chrome Plugin like Revolver to rotate through your opened tabs. set your interval time, I use 20 seconds. Hit ... Multicharts Pro beinhaltet zusätzliche Features wie Premium Support, Portfolio Backtesting, eine unbegrenzte Anzahl an Instrumenten sowie PowerLanguage-Programming. Der Preis für eine Lifetime Licence hierfür beträgt stolze 9.900,- Dollar. Außerdem werden zwei Ausführungen spezifisch zum Forex-Trading für 99,- beziehungsweise 199,- Dollar monatlich angeboten – MCFX Basic und MCFX Pro ... MultiCharts; 4K support Forex Board Programming Language Free to use Strategy Automation Cloud-based General tips and recommendations. If you only need the Forex data and charting, we integrated Free Forex Charts right on our site. It’s completely free and works in any browser! You can even write indicators and strategies in the Pine language. For professional charting, backtesting, trading ... Whether you need day trading software or you invest for longer periods, MultiCharts has features that may help achieve your trading goals. High-definition charting, built-in indicators and strategies, one-click trading from chart and DOM, high-precision backtesting, brute-force and genetic optimization, automated execution and support for EasyLanguage scripts are all key tools at your disposal.

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Trading Forex Multicharts

Multicharts offers DOM execution with a number or strategies. These series explores the various ways you can apply the strategies directly on the DOM without charts or trade module. Trading Forex Multicharts. Multicharts is great for trading forex especially when you have real time order flow indicators s... How to get started with the OANDA data feed and broker profile in MultiCharts trading platform. Well, first of all, I'm a futures trader and Metatrader covers only forex and cfd. So I will be cut out if I chose Metatrader and I believe that trading futures, I'm lucky to have enough capital ... Metatrader 4 indicator - Multicharts mini pipware download Just quick video about how to get up to 60 charts on one single screen. _____... DOWNLOAD FREE "ULTIMATE BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO AUTOMATED TRADING" TO GET STARTED MAKING MONEY WITH ALGORITHMS TODAY: How to get started with the Universal DDE data feed in MultiCharts trading platform.