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My First Year of Trading

So here it is, three more days and October begins, which marks one year of trading for me. I figured I would contribute to the forum and share some of my experience, a little about me, and what I've learned so far. Whoever wants to listen, that's great. This might get long so buckle up..
Three years ago, I was visiting Toronto. I don't get out much, but my roommate at the time travels there occasionally. He asked everyone at our place if we wanted to come along for a weekend. My roommate has an uncle that lives there and we didn't have to worry about a hotel because his uncle owns a small house that's unlived in which we could stay at. I was the only one to go with. Anyways, we walk around the city, seeing the sights and whatnot.
My friend says to me "where next?"
"I don't know, you're the tour guide"
"We can go check out Bay Street"
"what's 'Bay Street?'"
"It's like the Canadian Wall street! If you haven't seen it you gotta see it!"
Walking along Bay, I admire all the nice buildings and architecture, everything seems larger than life to me. I love things like that. The huge granite facades with intricate designs and towering pillars to make you think, How the fuck did they make that? My attention pivots to a man walking on the sidewalk opposite us. His gait stood out among everyone, he walked with such a purpose.. He laughed into the cell phone to his ear. In the elbow-shoving city environment, he moved with a stride that exuded a power which not only commanded respect, but assumed it. I bet HE can get a text back, hell he's probably got girls waiting on him. This dude was dressed to kill, a navy suit that you could just tell from across the street was way out of my budget, it was a nice fucking suit. I want that. His life, across the street, seemed a world a way from my own. I've worn a suit maybe twice in my life. For my first communion, it was too big for me, I was eleven or whatever so who gives a shit, right? I'm positive I looked ridiculous. The other time? I can't remember.
I want that. I want the suit. I want the wealth, the independence. I want the respect and power, and I don't give a shit what anyone thinks about it.
Cue self doubt.
Well, He's probably some rich banker's son. That's a world you're born into. I don't know shit about it. \sigh* keep walking..*

A year later, I'm visiting my parents at their house, they live an hour away from my place. My dad is back from Tennessee, his engineering job was laying people off and he got canned... Or he saw the end was near and just left... I don't know, hard to pay attention to the guy honestly because he kind of just drones on and on. ("Wait, so your mom lives in Michigan, but your dad moved to Tennessee... for a job?" Yea man, I don't fucking know, not going to touch on that one.) The whole project was a shit show that was doomed to never get done, the way he tells it. And he's obviously jaded from multiple similar experiences at other life-sucking engineer jobs. My mom is a retired nurse practitioner who no longer works because of her illness. I ask him what he's doing for work now and he tells me he trades stocks from home. I didn't even know you could do that. I didn't know "trading" was a thing. I thought you just invest and hope for the best.
"Oh that's cool, how much money do you need to do that?"
"Ehh, most say you need at least $25,000 as a minimum"
"Oh... guess I can't do that..."
Six months later, I get a call and it's my dad. We talk a little about whatever. Off topic, he starts asking if I'm happy doing what I'm doing (I was a painter, commercial and residential) I tell him yes but it's kind of a pain in the ass and I don't see it as a long term thing. Then he gets around to asking if I'd like to come work with him. He basically pitches it to me. I'm not one to be sold on something, I'm always skeptical. So I ask all the questions that any rational person would ask and he just swats them away with reassuring phrases. He was real confident about it. But basically he says for this to work, I have to quit my job and move back home so he can teach me how to trade and be by my side so I don't do anything stupid. "My Name , you can make so much money." I say that I can't raise the $25,000 because I'm not far above just living paycheck to paycheck. "I can help you out with that." Wow, okay, well... let me think about it.
My "maybe" very soon turned into a "definitely." So over the next six months, I continue to work my day job painting, and I try to save up what I could for the transition (it wasn't a whole lot, I sucked at saving. I was great at spending though!). My dad gives me a book on day trading (which I will mention later) and I teach myself what I can about the stock market using Investopedia. Also in the meantime, my dad sends me encouraging emails. He tells me to think of an annual income I would like to make as a trader, and used "more than $100,000 but less than a million" as a guideline. He tells me about stocks that he traded that day or just ones that moved and describes the basic price action and the prices to buy and sell at. Basically saying "if you bought X amount of shares here and sold it at X price here, you could make a quick 500 bucks!" I then use a trading sim to trade those symbols and try to emulate what he says. Piece of cake. ;)
Wow, that's way more than what I make in a day.
He tells me not to tell anyone about my trading because most people just think it's gambling. "Don't tell your Mom either." He says most people who try this fail because they don't know how to stop out and take a loss. He talks about how every day he was in a popular chatroom, some noob would say something like, "Hey guys, I bought at X price (high of day or thereabout), my account is down 80% .. uhh I'm waiting for it to come back to my entry price.. what do I do??"
Well shit, I'm not that fucking dumb. If that's all it takes to make it is to buy low, sell high, and always respect a stop then I'll be fantastic.
By the end of September, I was very determined. I had been looking forward everyday to quitting my painting job because while it used to be something I loved, it was just sucking the life out of me at this point. Especially working commercial, you just get worked like a dog. I wasn't living up to my potential with that job and I felt awful for it every minute of every day. I knew that I needed a job where I could use my brain instead of slaving my body to fulfill someone else's dream. "Someone's gotta put gas in the boss's boat" That's a line my buddy once said that he probably doesn't know sticks with me to this day.
It ain't me.
So now it was October 2018, and I'm back living with Mom n' Pops. I was so determined that on my last day of work I gave away all of my painting tools to my buddy like, "here, I don't need this shit." Moving out of my rental was easy because I don't own much, 'can't take it with ya.' Excited for the future I now spend my days bundled up in winter wear in the cold air of our hoarder-like basement with a space heater at my feet. My laptop connected to a TV monitor, I'm looking at stocks next to my dad and his screens in his cluttered corner. Our Trading Dungeon. I don't trade any money, (I wasn't aware of any real-time sim programs) I just watch and learn from my dad. Now you've got to keep in mind, and look at a chart of the S&P, this is right at the beginning of Oct '18, I came in right at the market top. Right at the start of the shit-show. For the next three or four weeks, I watch my dad pretty much scratch on every trade, taking small loss after small loss, and cursing under his breath at the screen.
Click. Click.
"you fuck."
This gets really fucking annoying as time goes on, for weeks, and I get this attitude like ugh, just let me do it. I'll make us some fucking money. So I convince him to let me start trading live. I didn't know anything about brokers so I set up an account using his broker, which was Fidelity. It was a pain and I had to jump through a lot of hoops to be able to day trade with this broker. I actually had to make a joint account with my dad as I couldn't get approved for margin because my credit score is shit (never owned a credit card) and my net worth, not much. Anyways, they straight up discourage day trading and I get all kinds of warning messages with big red letters that made me shit myself like oooaaahhh what the fuck did I do now. Did I forget to close a position?? Did I fat finger an order? Am I now in debt for thousands of dollars to Fidelity?? They're going to come after me like they came after Madoff. Even after you are approved for PDT you still get these warning messages in your account. Some would say if I didn't comply with "whatever rule" they'd even suspend my account for 60 days. It was ridiculous, hard to describe because it doesn't make sense, and it took the support guy on the phone a good 20 minutes to explain it to me. Basically I got the answer "yea it's all good, you did nothing wrong. As long as you have the cash in your account to cover whatever the trade balance was" So I just kept getting these warnings that I had to ignore everyday. I hate Fidelity.
My fist day trading, I made a few so-so trades and then I got impatient. I saw YECO breaking out and I chased, soon realized I chased, so I got out. -$500. Shit, I have to make that back, I don't want my dad to see this. Got back in. Shit. -$400. So my first day trading, I lost $900. My dumbass was using market orders so that sure didn't help. I reeled the risk back and traded more proper position size for a while, but the commissions for a round trip are $10, so taking six trades per day, I'm losing $60 at a minimum on top of my losing trades. Quickly I realized I didn't know what the hell I was doing. What about my dad? Does HE know? One day, in the trading dungeon, I was frustrated with the experience I'd been having and just feeling lost overall. I asked him.
"So, are you consistently profitable?"
"mmm... I do alright."
"Yea but like, are you consistently profitable over time?"
"I do alright."
"Do you know any consistently profitable traders?"
"Well the one who wrote that book I gave you, Tina Turner.. umm and there's Ross Cameron"
"So you don't know any consistently profitable traders, personally.. People who are not trying to sell you something?"
Holy fucking shit, what did this idiot get me into. He can't even say it to my face and admit it.
This entire life decision, quitting my job, leaving my rental, moving from my city to back home, giving shit away, it all relied on that. I was supposed to be an apprentice to a consistently profitable day trader who trades for a living. It was so assumed, that I never even thought to ask! Why would you tell your son to quit his job for something that you yourself cannot do? Is this all a scam? Did my dad get sold a DREAM? Did I buy into some kind of ponzi scheme? How many of those winning trades he showed me did he actually take? Are there ANY consistently profitable DAY TRADERS who TRADE FOR A LIVING? Why do 90% fail? Is it because the other 10% are scamming the rest in some way? Completely lost, I just had no clue what was what. If I was going to succeed at this, if it was even possible to succeed at this, it was entirely up to me. I had to figure it out. I still remember the feeling like an overwhelming, crushing weight on me as it all sunk in. This is going to be a big deal.. I'm not the type to give up though. In that moment, I said to myself,
I'm going to fucking win at this. I don't know if this is possible, but I'm going to find out. I cannot say with certainty that I will succeed, but no matter what, I will not give up. I'm going to give all of myself to this. I will find the truth.
It was a deep moment for me. I don't like getting on my soapbox, but when I said those things, I meant it. I really, really meant it. I still do, and I still will.
Now it might seem like I'm being hard on my dad. He has done a lot for me and I am very grateful for that. We're sarcastic as hell to each other, I love the bastard. Hell, I wouldn't have the opportunity to trade at all if not for him. But maybe you can also understand how overwhelmed I felt at that time. Not on purpose, of course he means well. But I am not a trusting person at all and I was willing to put trust into him after all the convincing and was very disappointed when I witnessed the reality of the situation. I would have structured this transition to trading differently, you don't just quit your job and start trading. Nobody was there to tell me that! I was told quite the opposite. I'm glad it happened anyway, so fuck it. I heard Kevin O'Leary once say,
"If I knew in the beginning how difficult starting a business was, I don't know that I ever would've started."
This applies very much to my experience.
So what did I do? Well like everyone I read and read and Googled and Youtube'd my ass off. I sure as hell didn't pay for a course because I didn't have the money and I'm like 99% sure I would be disappointed by whatever they were teaching as pretty much everything can be found online or in books for cheap or free. Also I discovered Thinkorswim and I used that to sim trade in real-time for three months. This is way the hell different than going on a sim at 5x speed and just clicking a few buy and sell buttons. Lol, useless. When you sim trade in real-time you're forced to have a routine, and you're forced to experience missing trades with no chance to rewind or skip the boring parts. That's a step up because you're "in it". I also traded real money too, made some, lost more than I made. went back to sim. Traded live again, made some but lost more, fell back to PDT. Dad fronted me more cash. This has happened a few times. He's dug me out of some holes because he believes in me. I'm fortunate.
Oh yeah, about that book my dad gave me. It's called A Beginner's Guide to Day Trading Online by Toni Turner. This book... is shit. This was supposed to be my framework for how to trade and I swear it's like literally nothing in this book fucking works lol. I could tell this pretty early on, intuitively, just by looking at charts. It's basically a buy-the-breakout type strategy, if you want to call it a strategy. No real methodology to anything just vague crap and showing you cherry-picked charts with entries that are way too late. With experience in the markets you will eventually come to find that MOST BREAKOUTS FAIL. It talks about support/resistance lines and describes them as, "picture throwing a ball down at the floor, it bounces up and then it bounces down off the ceiling, then back up." So many asinine assumptions. These ideas are a text book way of how to trade like dumb money. Don't get me wrong, these trades can work but you need to be able to identify the setups which are more probable and identify reasons not to take others. So I basically had to un-learn all that shit.
Present day, I have a routine in place. I'm out of the dungeon and trade by myself in my room. I trade with a discount broker that is catered to day traders and doesn't rape me on commissions. My mornings have a framework for analyzing the news and economic events of the particular day, I journal so that I can recognize what I'm doing right and where I need to improve. I record my screens for later review to improve my tape reading skills. I am actually tracking my trades now and doing backtesting in equities as well as forex. I'm not a fast reader but I do read a lot, as much as I can. So far I have read about 17-18 books on trading and psychology. I've definitely got a lot more skilled at trading.
As of yet I am not net profitable. Writing that sounds like selling myself short though, honestly. Because a lot of my trades are very good and are executed well. I have talent. However, lesser quality trades and trades which are inappropriately sized/ attempted too many times bring down that P/L. I'm not the type of trader to ignore a stop, I'm more the trader that just widdles their account down with small losses. I trade live because at this point, sim has lost its value, live trading is the ultimate teacher. So I do trade live but I just don't go big like I did before, I keep it small.
I could show you trades that I did great on and make people think I'm killing it but I really just don't need the validation. I don't care, I'm real about it. I just want to get better. I don't need people to think I'm a genius, I'm just trying to make some money.
Psychologically, to be honest with you, I currently feel beaten down and exhausted. I put a lot of energy into this, and sometimes I work myself physically sick, it's happened multiple times. About once a week, usually Saturday, I get a headache that lasts all day. My body's stress rebound mechanism you might call it. Getting over one of those sick periods now, which is why I barely even traded this week. I know I missed a lot of volatility this week and some A+ setups but I really just don't give a shit lol. I just currently don't have the mental capital, I think anyone who's been day trading every day for a year or more can understand what I mean by that. I'm still being productive though. Again, I'm not here to present an image of some badass trader, just keeping it real. To give something 100% day after day while receiving so much resistance, it takes a toll on you. So a break is necessary to avoid making bad trading decisions. That being said, I'm progressing more and more and eliminating those lesser quality trades and identifying my bad habits. I take steps to control those habits and strengthen my good habits such as having a solid routine, doing review and market research, taking profits at the right times, etc.
So maybe I can give some advice to some that are new to day trading, those who are feeling lost, or just in general thinking "...What the fuck..." I thought that every night for the first 6 months lol.
First of all, manage expectations. If you read my story of how I came to be a trader, you can see I had a false impression of trading in many aspects. Give yourself a realistic time horizon to how progress should be made. Do not set a monetary goal for yourself, or any time-based goal that is measured in your P/L. If you tell yourself, "I want to make X per day, X per week, or X per year" you're setting yourself up to feel like shit every single day when it's clear as the blue sky that you won't reach that goal anytime soon. As a matter of fact, it will appear you are moving further AWAY from that goal if you just focus on your P/L, which brings me to my next point.
You will lose money. In the beginning, most likely, you will lose money. I did it, you'll do it, the greatest Paul Tudor Jones did it. Trading is a skill that needs to be developed, and it is a process. Just look at it as paying your tuition to the market. Sim is fine but don't assume you have acquired this skill until you are adept at trading real money. So when you do make that leap, just trade small.
Just survive. Trade small. get the experience. Protect your capital. To reach break even on your bottom line is a huge accomplishment. In many ways, experience and screen time are the secret sauce.
Have a routine. This is very important. I actually will probably make a more in-depth post in the future about this if people want it. When I first started, I was overwhelmed with the feeling "What the fuck am I supposed to DO?" I felt lost. There's no boss to tell you how to be productive or how to find the right stocks, which is mostly a blessing, but a curse for new traders.
All that shit you see, don't believe all that bullshit. You know what I'm talking about. The bragposting, the clickbait Youtube videos, the ads preying on you. "I made X amount of money in a day and I'm fucking 19 lolz look at my Lamborghini" It's all a gimmick to sell you the dream. It's designed to poke right at your insecurities, that's marketing at it's finest. As for the bragposting on forums honestly, who cares. And I'm not pointing fingers on this forum, just any trading forum in general. They are never adding anything of value to the community in their posts. They never say this is how I did it. No, they just want you to think they're a genius. I can show you my $900 day trading the shit out of TSLA, but that doesn't tell the whole story. Gamblers never show you when they lose, you might never hear from those guys again because behind the scenes, they over-leveraged themselves and blew up. Some may actually be consistently profitable and the trades are 100% legit. That's fantastic. But again, I don't care, and you shouldn't either. You shouldn't compare yourself to others.
"Everyone's a genius in a bull market" Here's the thing.. Markets change. Edges disappear. Trading strategies were made by traders who traded during times when everything they did worked. Buy all the breakouts? Sure! It's the fucking tech bubble! Everything works! I'm sure all those typical setups used to work fantastically at some point in time. But the more people realize them, the less effective they are. SOMEONE has to be losing money on the opposite side of a winning trade, and who's willing to do that when the trade is so obvious? That being said, some things are obvious AND still work. Technical analysis works... sometimes. The caveat to that is, filters. You need to, in some way, filter out certain setups from others. For example, you could say, "I won't take a wedge pattern setup on an intraday chart unless it is in a higher time frame uptrend, without nearby resistance, and trading above average volume with news on that day."
Have a plan. If you can't describe your plan, you don't have one. Think in probabilities. You should think entirely in "if, then" scenarios. If X has happens, then Y will probably happen. "If BABA breaks this premarket support level on the open I will look for a pop up to short into."
Backtest. Most traders lose mainly because they think they have an edge but they don't. You read these books and all this stuff online telling you "this is a high probability setup" but do you know that for a fact? There's different ways to backtest, but I think the best way for a beginner is manual backtesting with a chart and an excel sheet. This builds up that screen time and pattern recognition faster. This video shows how to do that. Once I saw someone do it, it didn't seem so boring and awful as I thought it was.
Intelligence is not enough. You're smarter than most people, that's great, but that alone is not enough to make you money in trading necessarily. Brilliant people try and fail at this all the time, lawyers, doctors, surgeons, engineers.. Why do they fail if they're so smart? It's all a fucking scam. No, a number of reasons, but the biggest is discipline and emotional intelligence.
Journal every day. K no thanks, bro. That's fucking gay. That's how I felt when I heard this advice but really that is pride and laziness talking. This is the process you need to do to learn what works for you and what doesn't. Review the trades you took, what your plan was, what actually happened, how you executed. Identify what you did well and what you can work on. This is how you develop discipline and emotional intelligence, by monitoring yourself. How you feel physically and mentally, and how these states affect your decision-making.
Always be learning. Read as much as you can. Good quality books. Here's the best I've read so far;
Market Wizards -Jack Schwager
One Good Trade -Mike Bellafiore
The Daily Trading Coach -Bret Steenbarger
Psycho-cybernetics -Maxwell Maltz
Why You Win or Lose -Fred Kelly
The Art and Science of Technical Analysis -Adam Grimes
Dark Pools -Scott Patterson
Be nimble. Everyday I do my research on the symbols I'm trading and the fundamental news that's driving them. I might be trading a large cap that's gapping up with a beat on EPS and revenue and positive guidance. But if I see that stock pop up and fail miserably on the open amidst huge selling pressure, and I look and see the broader market tanking, guess what, I'm getting short, and that's just day trading. The movement of the market, on an intraday timeframe, doesn't have to make logical sense.
Adapt. In March I used to be able to buy a breakout on a symbol and swing it for the majority of the day. In the summer I was basically scalping on the open and being done for the day. Volatility changes, and so do my profit targets.
Be accountable. Be humble. Be honest. I take 100% responsibility for every dime I've lost or made in the market. It's not the market makers fault, it wasn't the HFTs, I pressed the button. I know my bad habits and I know my good habits.. my strengths/ my weaknesses.
Protect yourself from toxicity. Stay away from traders and people on forums who just have that negative mindset. That "can't be done" mentality. Day trading is a scam!! It can certainly be done. Prove it, you bastard. I'm posting to this particular forum because I don't see much of that here and apparently the mods to a good job of not tolerating it. As the mod wrote in the rules, they're most likely raging from a loss. Also, the Stocktwits mentality of "AAPL is going to TANK on the open! $180, here we come. $$$" , or the grandiose stories, "I just knew AMZN was going to go up on earnings. I could feel it. I went ALL IN. Options money, baby! ka-ching!$" Lol, that is so toxic to a new trader. Get away from that. How will you be able to remain nimble when this is your thought process?
Be good to yourself. Stop beating yourself up. You're an entrepreneur. You're boldly going where no man has gone before. You've got balls.
Acknowledge your mistakes, don't identify with them. You are not your mistakes and you are not your bad habits. These are only things that you do, and you can take action necessary to do them less.
It doesn't matter what people think. Maybe they think you're a fool, a gambler. You don't need their approval. You don't need to talk to your co-workers and friends about it to satisfy some subconscious plea for guidance; is this a good idea?
You don't need anyone's permission to become the person you want to be.
They don't believe in you? Fuck 'em. I believe in you.
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13 Ways to Maximise your IVF Success & Minimise your IVF Cost

13 Ways to Maximise your IVF Success & Minimise your IVF Cost
“Only 30-35% of couples going for IVF get successful in their journey but with the right approach and expertise the success rate can be increased upto two folds”– Dr. Neha Jain The field of IVF has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. India is one of the countries which has witnessed a tremendous development in the field of infertility treatments. According to NARI (National ART Registry of India) and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the infertility number has increased significantly. The success rate of the treatment is associated with the age, lifestyle, genetic factors of the conceiving mother and many other factors. According to the CDC (Centre for Disease Control), the success rate varies from 35 to 38 percent.. Lower rates are observed with patients of higher age bracket. One of the factors impacting success is stress. The knowledge and acceptance of infertility take a toll on the couple's mental health. Like any other medical procedure, maintaining the proper health of the couples involved is inevitable to obtain expected results in IVF. It is crucial especially for the mothers conceiving through IVF. The health care should begin as soon as you decide to choose the assisted reproductive technology to get pregnant. Let us discuss measures to increase the chances of a successful IVF treatment and minimize your billing while you are going through the most crucial phase of your life. This blog aims to introduce ways to minimize the treatment costs, reduce stress and maximize the chances of a safe and successful procedure.
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So, let’s take a look at How to Increase Your Chances of IVF Success and minimize your IVF cost
Feel free to skip ahead if one topic catches your eye:
  1. Do your homework
  2. Don’t wait until it’s too late
  3. Nutrition and weight balance
  4. Ensure you have adequate levels of vitamin D
  5. Gender specific supplements to add in your routine
  6. Don’t ignore the male. Optimize sperm health
  7. Egg donation program
  8. Travel for IVF
  9. Check your insurance
  10. How Can You Pay for IVF?
  11. Smoking and Alcohol
  12. Relaxation
  13. Acupuncture
Do your homework-Find the right fertility clinic for you Ask about the certifications of the doctor and the labs you are planning on getting your IVF done at,look for an IVF center that is being run by a team of experts and not by an individual practitioner.Individually run IVF centers lack transparency and well defined standard operating protocols”-Dr. Shilpa Gupta IVF is an expensive treatment that is demanding both financially and emotionally. You cannot compromise with the quality of treatment which majorly depends on the clinic’s facilities and success rate and the doctor who is going to treat you. Make extensive research for selecting the best doctor and clinic for the treatment Ask about the certification of the doctors and accreditation of the labs,look for the best IVF center near you that is being run by a team of expert rather than an individual. Individually run centers lack transparency and well defined functioning work protocols
The center should have a 24X7 available working staff especially a Doctor and an Embryologist, you may come across centers who do not have a full time available staff,The Doctors and Embryologist are available only on call as per requirement which leads to poorly managed operation theater and infrastructure
Ask for the expertise of doctors and ensure that the doctor has high conversion rates in IVF and area expertise in the particular field of IVF.Discuss their experience with the women of your age and similar medical and health conditions
The center should be well equipped with world class advanced technology,The field of IVF is advancing every day which is ensuring better success rate of the procedure The center should have a protocol to treat each case individually,It has been observed that many IVF center combine many IVF cases all together and perform IVF on all of them at once which results into poor results of all cases,Every case is unique and it needs to be treated individually Evaluating the best IVF center near you is the first step towards successful parenthood
Watch - 5 Most important things to consider while selecting an IVF centre
Don’t wait until it’s too late " The best age for women for a successful IVF treatment is between 20 and 35 years – Dr.Neha Jain
Does my age is going to affect the success of IVF? Well! Yes, it does. Your chances of conceiving and giving birth to a child are closely linked with your age in both natural and IVF pregnancies.The ability to conceive begins to decline at approximately 28 years of age. This has a direct impact on the success of IVF treatment. Aging deteriorates the quality and quantity of eggs which reduces the chances of successful treatment. The data from the Society of assisted reproductive technology (SART) suggests that the chances of live birth in women under 35 are around 47 percent while for women between 80 and 40, it is 38 percent. For the above-mentioned reasons, it is advised to consult the best IVF doctor as soon as you decide to conceive through IVF and your doctor clears you for the procedure.
Nutrition and weight balance
Taking proper nutrition and maintaining a healthy body weight is essential not only during the treatment but also during the preparation. You should begin self-care a couple of months before the embryo transfer. Your doctor will guide you about the diet. There are also fertility diet programs that improve the health of your reproductive organs and promote the success of the treatments. A balanced diet and adequate nutrition also help in the supply of good quality blood to the uterus. This provides better nutrition to the embryo and helps in its growth. Your male partner should also take up a specific diet to improve the quality and quantity of the sperms. Also, healthy body weight is a boon to the IVF treatment. While being right weight increases the time of conception, excess weight increases the chances of complications and makes monitoring more difficult.To know more about it, it's recommended to talk to an IVF expert.
Ensure you have adequate levels of vitamin D About forty percent of individuals are deficient in Vitamin D, and there are upcoming data on its relation with infertility and poor IVF outcomes.Most commonly vitamin D is produced when your skin is exposed to sunlight. For that reason, most women who are from colder regions or who stay indoors are mostly vitamin D deficiency. Many studies and theories have linked vitamin D with the success of IVF treatment. A woman with vitamin D deficiency is more likely to face pregnancy-induced hypertension, lower birth weight, and gestational diabetes. Ensure that you take ample sunlight and strive for food like fatty fish (tuna, mackerel, salmon), egg yolk, cheese, and other vitamin D fortified food like orange juice, soy milk, and cereals, etc.
Gender specific supplements to add in your routine
Along with a balanced diet, supplements are also important for the success of IVF treatment. Supplements are a must for both female and male partners. Women need supplements for vitamins A, B, C, and E. Zinc, magnesium, iron, and folic acid provide great help in fertilization and implant processes. These also help in preventing neural tube defects. Women should also take enough fatty acids to keep FSH under control and provide nourishment for eggs. Men should also take antioxidants with these vitamins and supplements. These reduce the chances of sperm damage and ensure normal sperm production, sperm count and motility. Coenzyme Q10 improves blood flow and increases the chances of fertilization.
Don’t ignore the male. Optimize sperm health
"Malefactor influence nearly two-third of infertility cases.” – Dr. Jagatjeet Singh
Many a time people misunderstood the IVF treatment as a procedure that is done with the female partner only. However, the contribution of the male partner is vital. Almost two-thirds of the couples who choose IVF could not normally conceive due to male infertility. Common problems related to sperm production are about the quantity, movement, and shape. These problems arise usually due to excess of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs, high temperature in a hot bath, and excessive workout. Men should also take a healthy and balanced diet rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Your doctors may also prescribe supplements for your male partner. Maintaining a healthy body weight is also important for treatment. You should do moderate exercise regularly. You should undertake the semen analysis before going for the IVF treatment. This would help you and your doctor to identify and understand the cause of male infertility and take the necessary steps to address these issues and obtain a successful outcome of the treatment.You can get an infertility examination to know where you stand on your fertility journey.
Egg donation program
“Egg donation can increase the chances of success of IVF treatment by more than 42 percent.” – Dr. Shilpa Gupta
Egg donation programs are a boon to the parents who want to take up IVF treatment but are constrained by the budget.The process involves taking high quality fertile and healthy eggs from a female done of age between 21 to 29 years, The donors have to go through a well defined and strict screening process to ensure that the practice gives fruitful results.The donor needs to have a healthy lifestyle,good educational background,right weight and height ratios and willing to undergo all medical and background screening processes.It needs to be ensured that the center you are availing the egg donation program follows guidelines provided by ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) . Egg received from the young female are fertilized with the sperm of the husband and the resulting embryo is then transferred to the womb of the recipient women
Travel for IVF
“The overall cost of the treatment in India including travel cost is nearly one third of the treatment costs in other countries.” – Dr. Jagatjeet Singh
Should I travel to a different country for IVF treatment? If you are looking for excellent treatment at the minimum possible cost, you should. The cost of IVF treatment is high and is extremely subjective. It depends on your age, fertility history, duration of the marriage and the location. Different countries offer treatment at greatly varying prices. The cost of the treatment in the US is $19,200 whereas it is much lower in other countries. In Malaysia, it is $4,500 and in Thailand, it is $7500. Cost of IVF treatment in India is just ₹51000 which approximately $700,you can get the world-class treatment done. Lesser cost does not always mean poor quality. This variation in cost is based on the cost of living in the country and the burden on the doctors. You also get world-class facilities and internationally trained doctors supporting you 24/7. Clinics also provide support for the visa, travel, and Forex exchange. We provide high-quality treatment with excellent success-rate at the most reasonable pricing.
ivf clinic in india
Check your insurance
Fertility treatments are not considered medically necessary so insurance companies and they do not usually cover them. But if you have a certain condition like endometriosis, polycystic ovarian disease, etc. that cause infertility, you may be able to get the insurance to pay for the treatment.
If you are still unable to get your insurance to cover it, see if your company offers some kind of employee benefit that allows you to use part of your pre-taxed income for medical uses that insurance provider won’t cover.
How to pay for IVF procedures
Among the top 10 IVF centers in Delhi Baby Joy IVF clinic allows you to pay through various payment options. You can make the payment online which speeds up and simplifies the procedure. We also allow you to pay in installments. Our costing and payment are highly transparent. We provide “World-class Yet Economical” IVF Fertility Treatment in Delhi.
Additional Offers Only for This Week on Cost of IVF in Delhi at Baby Joy
  • Spl. Discounted IVF Packages.
  • Easy EMIs available; Payment can be made in parts.
  • Register nw to avail cheap IVF Price, IVF Cost in Delhi & Start treatment later.
  • Your age, years of marriage & fertility history will help us guide you better on overall IVF Cost, Cost of IVF.
  • No Hidden Charges; No Expensive Tests; Transparent IVF Pricing.
  • Customized Packages available.
  • Money Back Guarantee
Watch - How to select an IVF centre
Smoking and Alcohol detox
Both smoking and alcohol reduce the success rate of IVF treatment. Smoking in men can lead to low sperm count and poor sperm quality causing miscarriage. Women can also face miscarriage due to smoking as it ages the eggs and depletes the uterus lining. Taking alcohol more than ten units a week also decreases the chances of successful IVF treatment.
Many studies have proved that stress adversely affects the results of IVF treatment. It messes up with your cycle timing and can reduce sperm count in males. Cortisol and other hormones secreted due to stress interfere with the implantation process. It may also lead to miscarriage. You can opt for activities like light yoga, meditation, spa, etc for relaxation. You should talk to your doctor and your partner about your apprehensions. Consult a professional counselor if needed.
Acupuncture is a science that treats various health conditions by putting tiny needles precisely in your body. Presently it is one of the most preferred alternative treatments. Acupuncture is highly effective in managing stress. It enhances the blood flow to the reproductive organs and improves their function. Taking acupuncture sessions for three months before the embryo transfer can dramatically increase the chances of successful treatment.
All the couples who are commencing their journey of IVF may initially find it challenging and demanding. Although it is not completely untrue, a little research, precautions, and teaming with an excellent doctor and fertility clinic like the baby joy IVF can make it safe and smooth. Our doctors compassionately discuss the details of infertility and the procedure to be followed. We provide personalized care to all our patients and provide them both medical and psychological support.
Best wishes from Baby Joy If you are commencing their journey of IVF and find it challenging and demanding, you are not alone. Although the fear is not completely unjustified, a little research, precautions, and teaming with an excellent doctor and fertility clinic can make it safe and smooth. Find the best IVF doctor who compassionately discusses the details of infertility and the procedure to be followed. Personalized care and world-class medical and psychological support can ensure your success through the journey of IVF.
We understand, there cannot be a stronger human emotion than the desire ‘to have Your Little One!’ “Baby Joy” is our endeavour to be part of your journey towards parenthood.
It is our VISION to set benchmarks in the field of Fertility management globally, through cutting edge technology, most advanced treatment protocols, & a highly acclaimed team of doctors, embryologists & support staff.
It is our MISSION to achieve high success rates at lowest cost, through highly customised fertility care, internationally accepted protocols & best global practices. We strongly believe in bringing transparency & honesty to Fertility care in India. We carry out egg donation & surrogacy through our sister concern WSC. This makes Baby Joy a comprehensive Fertility Centre providing 360 degree fertility solutions under 1 roof. We are one of the few recognised professionally run healthcare centres in India. Baby Joy offers comprehensive Infertility, Surrogacy and Test Tube Baby Solutions in India
At Baby Joy, we strive to ‘touch your lives’ by helping you ‘create life!’
Hoping to transform your dreams into reality, your desires into accomplishments & your Hope into Joy !
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